Buying Makassar Gold Silks Merchandise

Indonesia is a large country with a lot of great destinations. In this case, one of the great places to explore is the area of East Indonesia. Exotic nature is offered for the tourists and there will be no disappointment for choosing East Indonesia as the destination. Of course, having a holiday will not be complete if you do not buy souvenirs or merchandises. For this point, there is Makassar as the destination. This is port city in Sulawesi. This is also the biggest city in east Indonesia. There are many kinds of things to do, and one of the best is to go shopping. This place has been famous as the right town to find Makassar gold silks, and pearls souvenirs. The souvenirs are mostly made from those materials, so they are not only about jewelry, but they become great material for making exotic handicraft. For shopping the souvenirs or merchandises, there are some famous spot to go in Makassar.

It is true that there are some alternatives of place to find those Makassar gold silks crafts. Actually they can be found in many merchandise shops. However, it will be great to find specific area to find them. it will be more interesting and easier to find the crafts.

  • JalanSombaOpu or SombaOpu Street becomes the good destination to find the crafts. This becomes special place to go when tourists want to buy the crafts made from gold, pearls and silks. Many souvenirs in various shapes can be bought. Of course, they represent the local culture or local art. The other good point is that buyers can bargain while buying the stuffs in the shops along this street. There are many shops along the streets and they allow buyers to bargain. People with good bargaining skill will be useful in this area.
  • Then, Makassar is also famous for its hand-woven silks. The silks are made by the local people of Toraja and the silks are made with various beautiful patterns. In this case, Aneka Sutra can be the right place to find the complete collection of the hand-woven silks. This will be much easier way than going directly to village of Toraja since it will take a lot of time.

Shopping in Makassar is not only about Makassar gold silks, pearls and other souvenirs. This town is good destination since it also provides the area for modern shopping. There is Trans Studio Mall Makassar. This can be alternative destination to go after shopping for the handicrafts of gifts. Of course, buying the stuffs in this mall cannot be bargained. All things have been in fixed prices. The good point is that people can enjoy the theme park offered by this place. Then, if tourists still want to enjoy the local culture, going to the village of Toraja will be the best choice. It may take time, but the long road will not be useless. Exotic culture and the heritages will be great things to find in Toraja village. It is also possible to see how the local people weave the authentic Toraja silks.


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